Healthy Pancakes with Oats and Banana

Healthy Pancakes with Oats and BananaPin

Is anyone else missing the hotel breakfast? While I’m not a fan of the buffet (congealed scrambled eggs, no thanks), I do love the pancake station. And I don’t mean the pre-made, not-so-healthy pancakes that lie forlornly on the warming tray. I’m talking about the freshly made pancakes that come to your table. Or to your bed, like this one at the Hilton Mumbai International Airport (I also miss hotel beds, to be honest).

Breakfast of pancakes at Hilton Mumbai International AirportPin

Or this breakfast spread in Amsterdam

Breakfast of pancakes in AmsterdamPin

Pancakes doused with syrup and topped with cream are fine on a holiday. But if you want to make them at home or on a regular basis, you’d want a healthy pancakes recipe. Most recipes use all-purpose (AP) flour, which is not nutritious. So I have replaced it with oats flour (simply blitz your breakfast oats in a mixer to make the flour). This recipe contains no egg and no added sugar. The sweetness comes from the mashed banana, and of course, from any syrup or honey that you choose to pour over the pancakes later.

Healthy Pancakes with Oats and BananaPin

This recipe makes 6 pancakes and takes just about 30 minutes from start to finish (including eating time, lol).


  • 120 gm / 1 cup oats flour
  • 240 ml / 1 cup milk
  • 1 tbsp AP flour or whole wheat flour
  • 1 overripe banana, mashed
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon powder
  • 1 tsp butter/vegetable oil/ghee (plus more for brushing the pan)
  • a pinch of salt

Healthy Pancakes with Oats and Banana closeupPin


  • Place all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well
  • Let the batter stand for 10-15 minutes
  • Brush a pan or skillet with butter or vegetable oil or ghee
  • Heat it on medium-low and pour ladlefuls of the batter
  • I use this amazing non-stick pancake pan to make mine. The pancakes cook evenly and you get perfectly circular ones. The pan is available on Amazon (non-affiliate link)

Pancake panPin

  • Cook the pancakes on one side until bubbly on top and golden on the bottom (about 4 minutes)
  • Flip them over and cook on the other side until golden on the bottom (about 2 minutes)
  • Transfer to a plate and serve warm drizzled with honey or maple syrup, and with sliced banana/strawberries or any other fruit of your choice. I have poured some spiced jaggery syrup over my pancake stack

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So try out this healthy pancakes recipe for your weekend breakfast or brunch and let me know how they turn out.

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  1. srimayya 28 September, 2022 at 15:49 Reply

    That’s great an healthy recipe of pancake and the recipe looks very yummy and i loved it and i will bookmark this wonderful recipe to my favourite cooking recipe and thank you for sharing

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