10 Awesome Travel Instagram Accounts To Follow

“Instagram, or it didn’t happen”, right?With 400 million monthly active users, Instagram is where the action is at.
I got on to the bandwagon a bit late, having always preferred Twitter as my main social media platform.But now that I’m on Instagram, I am hooked! I find myself scrolling through gorgeous photos from all over the world, pausing frequently to ‘double-tap’, or to leave a comment once in a while.

My timeline is full of wanderlust-inducing travel photos and drool-worthy food pix. So I thought I’d do a little round-up of some of my favourite travel Instagram accounts, and share the awesomeness! Have a look and maybe give them a follow 🙂

1) alex.coppo
I like Alex’s perspective on places, like this fabulous shot of Prague. How lovely do those rooftops look?! 

2) aworldtotravel
Inma’s landscape shots from Galicia, an autonomous region of Spain, seem almost other-worldly…


3) charukesi
Charukesi’s recent series on Ladakh was full of portraits of monks (and cute ‘monklings’), and vistas such as these.


4) davehagerman
Food from around the world, stunningly photographed, that’s Dave’s Instagram for you. One of my absolute favourites!


5) florabaker
Flora’s currently on a spiritual journey, walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain.


6) girlinflorence
One of my favourite people online! Georgette brings you everyday pictures from arty Florence, some of which feature her cute beagle, Ginger.


7) heartrome
Aussie girl Maria has called Rome her home for the past four years, and you can see why she hearts the Eternal City (and er, gelato!).


8) jayneytravels
From London to Sydney, and everywhere in between, Jayne’s timeline is very eclectic. I especially love her quirky design photos.


9) neelimav
I really admire Neelima’s adventurous streak, and her fantastic photography skills!

10) nelsoncarvalheiro
If Portugal’s on your mind, Nelson’s Instagram feed is inspiration enough!


And I don’t want to sound too trite, but have you checked out my Instagram handle – delishdirection? It’s all about food and travel (and some coffee!).

To give you an added incentive, I’m off to Spain tomorrow night, for two whole weeks! Expect lots of pictures of pretty places steeped in history, some gorgeous architecture, and a bit of tapas and churros thrown in.

Who are your favourite Instagram Travellers? Share their handles in the comments below – I’m always looking for fun Instagram accounts to follow!And don’t forget to follow along as I wander around Spain.

All the images (and the rights thereof) used in this post belong to the respective Instagrammers.



  1. Georgette Jupe 29 September, 2015 at 10:19 Reply

    Thank you so much Prachi for including me on this great roundup. I too feel sort of like an instagram late-adopter after not seeing 'the light' after several years of its existence. I really love your phoots too and seeing all of your travels (plus you make me drool regularly). Happy to have found some new accounts to follow on this list as well!

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