A Glimpse of Kerala – through 40 Tweets! (Part 3)

Here’s the culminating post of my tweets during my
short holiday in Kerala. In case you have missed Part 1 and Part 2, click on
the links and have a dekko. I have also changed the design of my blog (again!)
and added categories at the top, so that your search becomes easier. Let me
know what you think about it.


September 14, 2012
Back to Ernakulam via
ferry, which was as crowded as a Bombay local train! Au revoir Fort Kochi,
until we meet again 🙂 
Before heading out, we had another delicious
breakfast at Saj Home. Puttu is a steamed mixture of rice flour and coconut
(which was traditionally steamed in bamboo), with a curry and papadum.
Then we lugged our bags onto the ferry, which was
choc-a-bloc. Office-goers, school students cramming for exams, college students
fooling around, fisher folk… It was a veritable melting pot, literally too,
since it was very hot and humid at 8.30 a.m.! Take a look at the picture below.


Been MIA today coz my phone
had conked off & no access to a charger!!
Enough said!
Poovar Beach in #Kerala is beautiful. Today’s trip update: A lovely
trip down the backwater to the estuary & the beach beyond.
In Trivandrum, we met up
with our friends (the ones getting married) and had a lovely home-cooked meal.
Then we set out to Poovar, where we took another short backwater cruise, which
led us to an estuary and Poovar beach beyond. It was close to sun set and the
sky had taken on some beautiful colours. Picture perfect!





Will be uploading some
foodie pix on my FB page soon!  Like it?
Ahem, here’s a plug for
Deliciously Directionless’ Facebook page! Take a look and ‘like’ it to stay
September 15, 2012
Going to church to attend
the wedding in a bit. There’s a hartal here in 
#kerala today, so less traffic on the roads, no?
It was a glorious Saturday
and a perfect day to get married! Much love to our friends J & R 🙂
Most awesome Mutton Biryani
for the wedding 
#lunch! This #keralatrip has been a gastronomic treat 🙂
Ah, the wedding lunch! The
above tweet is NOT an understatement. The biryani looked so delicious and the
wafting aromas were so tantalising that I didn’t even stop to take a picture…
Sorry 🙁
Will also blog about it 🙂 The WiFi here is a bit shaky, so when I’m back! MT
@shivz@DelishDirection Post some pictures”
That was my response to the
multiple requests for pictures! I did get around to uploading them when I got
I’m at Thapovan Ayurvedic
Our friends put us up at
this gorgeous resort, close to the famous Kovalam beach, but not as crowded as
it. The resort has a sprawling property and a private beach. I’ll try and do a
separate post on it later… Here are some pictures.



Last night in #kerala, got caught in a thunderstorm on the beach! But
this Thapovan resort is beautiful, with great views.
And some more pictures!



September 16, 2012
I’m at Thapovan Ayurvedic
We had a mid-morning flight
to catch so we had an early breakfast – Idiyappam with stew. These are string hoppers
made of rice flour and served with a flavourful vegetable stew. Breakfast was
of course washed down with a cup of really strong coffee.
I just became the mayor of
Thapovan Ayurvedic Centre on
Er, OK!
Trivandrum airport
purchases – banana chips, tapioca chips and Agatha Christie’s autobiography
from Sankar’s (but of course!)
I usually limit my airport
purchases to books, but since this was a short trip and we didn’t get around to
buying the local banana chips and tapioca chips, I had to pick them up from an
airport shop, at inflated prices. Oh well…



I’m at Trivandrum Domestic
Looking forward to seeing
the beautiful beach and palms view from up in the air!
I’m at Chhatrapati Shivaji
Domestic Airport (Mumbai, Maharashtra) w/ 4 others 
Back to sweaty, muggy
Brought a taste of #Kerala back to Bombay – Beef Curry & Porota!
Can’t seem to let go 😉
Before going to the
airport, we had stopped off at Milford Restaurant (yes, the one right opposite
the domestic terminal) and picked up Beef Curry & Porota! Managed to bring
it to Bombay without any mishap and enjoyed another super-spicy, but delicious,
The above link connects to my Facebook album –
Gastronomic Kerala. Do drop by!
I’ll be back with a baking post next week.
Until then, bon appetit!

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  1. Helene Dsouza 22 September, 2012 at 09:13 Reply

    amazing pictures of the nature there. I had to pin the first one! =)

    I really have to rethink my future traveling plans, so I might just drag my husband to the south.

    Thanks for sharing your experience!

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