Last week, I was invited by FroYo (a frozen
yogurt brand) for a menu tasting. My initial reaction was apprehension, since I
had tried couple of frozen yogurt brands available in India and I wasn’t
impressed. One was too icy (gave me a brain freeze) and the other was obviously
synthetic tasting. Yet I went along thinking maybe I’d be third time lucky!

FroYo has been in India since Dec 2010 and has 5 outlets in Mumbai and one in Noida. I visited the Carter Road outlet, in
Bandra, which is one of the older outlets (as well as a small one). The wall
art inside the store would be more appropriate in a playschool. However, FroYo
is undergoing a brand transformation and the new stores – in Noida and at the
swanky new Phoenix Market City in Mumbai – reflect the changes. The colours are
warmer, the lines cleaner; a bit of a grown-up cafe feel.



FroYo has 24 flavours listed on its website,
ranging from plain to fruity, from chocolate to tiramisu. There were only 3
flavours available at the Carter Road outlet that day and I tried them all –
Starwberry Peach, Blueberry and White Choco Berry.
And was I pleasantly surprised! The texture
was perfect – soft and smooth and not grainy or icy. It tasted of real fruit,
not synthetic at all. There is a whole host of toppings to choose from. The chocoholic
that I am, I tried the Chocolate Chip Brownie as well as the Hazelnut Chocolate
Fudge toppings. I also tried the Blueberry Blast, which is like a blueberry
coulis. All the toppings were delicious, with the brownie taking the, well, cake!
They offer fresh fruit toppings, as well as healthful options such as muesli
and nuts. You can mix and match as you please.


 The servings are quite generous and come in 4 sizes – small, regular, medium and grand. They also offer waffle cones. Apart from the
frozen yogurt, there are smoothies and refreshers. Smoothies are a combination
of blended frozen yogurt, fruits and purees. The refreshers are like a modified
Coke Float, with frozen yogurt floating on Sprite, with additional flavourings.
I have yet to try these out, but the Copa Cabana Smoothie and the Frojito (a
take on the Mojito) sure sound interesting!


And of course, they offer several beverages – teas and coffees to satiate your thirst.
FroYo also provides an online order and home
delivery option, so if you’re feeling too lazy to step out, just log on. The
brand is very active with digital marketing and social networking – a Facebookpage, Twitter (with regular contests) as well as a Blog. It’s quite
youth-centric, but if the new branding is anything to go by, they are clearly
targeting a wider audience.
Overall, FroYo was a great experience; loved
the flavours and I’m looking forward to heading to the Phoenix Market City
store to check out their new look. One word review – Recommended!
Note: All Images are courtesy FroYo’s web site & Facebook page

Disclosure: I was invited by FroYo to experience their offerings.

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