In Photos: Markets in Zurich, Switzerland

I have just returned from two back-to-back trips to Hong Kong and Switzerland. And as I write this, I’m preparing to fly off again this weekend! More about that below. But before I go, I thought I’d leave you with some photos from my morning trawling through the markets in Zurich. If you’re looking for what to see and do in the city, read my Destination Guide – Zurich.

Visiting local markets is my favourite thing to do when I travel. I love wandering about to see what’s in season and to watch people bargain. I often buy a few food souvenirs – be it locally made cheese, jams and preserves, or even seasonal fruits, the last I devour immediately! Summer in Europe means loads of juicy nectarines ­čśë

Since Friday is a major market day, I started my morning by staking out two of the most popular markets in Zurich.

Helvetiaplatz Market

The first one I hit was the market at Helvetiaplatz, which was a not too far from my hotel. I was staying at the tr├Ęs cool 25hours Hotel Langstrasse┬áand I will write about it in more detail soon. I could reach Helvetiaplatz either by a short bus ride or by┬átaking a leisurely walk. Obviously, I took the bus since I had more exploring to do during the rest of the day.

Just look at all the goodies on display – fresh fruits & vegetables, gorgeous flowers, meats and cheese, bread, you name it…

B├╝rkliplatz Market

B├╝rkliplatz Markt is one of the most popular markets in Zurich. Its location near Lake Zurich is a big draw in its favour. Obviously, the prices are also higher. But you get to see a lot of posh Zurich residents (and tourists) here.

Hope you enjoyed these photos from some of the best markets in Zurich. Have you visited any of them (or others)? Which are your favourite markets in Zurich? Leave me a comment below.

And now, to come to my upcoming travel plans… You may have heard and read a lot about the South of France, and for a good reason! With major cities like Lyon and Nice, the picturesque Provence, and the glamorous French Riviera, Southern France is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. But I’m headed in the opposite direction – to Northern France! This is probably one of the most underrated regions in France, and I’m going to unearth its charms. So follow my travels on Instagram as I explore the region.

Until later, au revoir ­čÖé

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