TimesCity Gourmet Week – #GW2014 at Yauatcha

The second edition of the TimesCity Gourmet Week is currently on across 6 cities in India. It features several restaurants that were awarded at the recently held Times Food Award 2014 and includes many 5-star restaurants (Konkan Cafe, Dakshin Coastal, Tuskers, Cellini, Vetro etc.) and some excellent stand-alone ones (Masala Library, Kofuku, Oh! Calcutta, Cheval to name a few). The menus are significantly lower priced and some of them offer a very good deal indeed. I got a chance to check out the Yauatcha lunch, courtesy TimesCity. I had had one of my birthday dinners at Yauatcha this year (and loved it), so I was excited about trying the Gourmet Week offering. I dragged the husband along for a mid-week date 🙂

The first course is of course dim sum and you can choose any two from the six options (of which 2 are non-vegetarian). So we picked both the Chicken & Prawn Sui-mai and Pak Choi Wrapped Chicken in Szechuan Sauce.

Pak choi wrapped chicken (L), Chicken and Prawn Sui Mai

Amongst the vegetarian options, we tried the Crystal Luffa Melon Dumpling and the Shitake Mushroom Dumpling. The chicken & prawn sui-mai was excellent and the crystal luffa melon dumpling surprisingly good – slightly sweet, but bags of flavour. The pak choi wrapped chicken was a bit dense, but the accompanying sauce was good. I was disappointed with the shitake mushroom dumpling – there were too many veggies and not enough shitake.

Crystal luffa melon dumpling
Shitake mushroom dumpling

There were four choices for the main course (2 each of veg & non-veg). The husband ordered the Stir Fried Chicken with Szechuan Peppercorn and I decided to go for the Steamed Rawas in Black Bean Sauce. 10 minutes later the server returned to announce, much to my disappointment, that the rawas was not available. Reluctantly I settled for the Stir Fried French Beans with Shitake Mushrooms.

Stir fried French Beans (L), Hofan noodles

Along with the mains, you can order either of the staples – Hofan Noodles or Vegetable Fried Rice with Asparagus & Sweet Corn – both vegetarian. The stir fried chicken was quite nice, sweet and spicy and the stir fried french beans were also perfectly cooked. However, I felt that the accompanying shitake sauce was too salty. The fried rice had a lovely peppery taste and the thickly cut hofan noodles with veggies were delicious. I would have happily gobbled up a plateful of these if I weren’t already stuffed!

Jaffa cake

For dessert, the choice was between the Chocolate Mandarin Tart and Jaffa Cake. The mousse in the jaffa cake was dense (not light & airy), but the biscuit-y base was deliciously crunchy. The accompanying chocolate and orange ice cream was creamy and the orange bits gave it a nice bite. I’d suggest you go for the excellent tart – a lovely combination of chocolate mandarin ganache and mandarin caramel cream, topped with confit orange. The tart is served with a refreshing mandarin yoghurt sorbet. Overall a winner!

Chocolate Mandarin Tart

My one grouse is that both the desserts offered on the menu have a similar flavour profile – chocolate and orange. Perhaps another combination would have been a better idea, as it would then really give the customers a choice.

Service was, as usual, quite slow and there was a bit of a mix-up with our bill at the end. It’s a good deal for Rs. 1,250 (inclusive), though! Lunch and dinner menus are the same.

There are several interesting menus available across various restaurants – the seafood thali at Konkan Cafe at Vivanta by Taj would be my pick, and the seven course meal at Kofuku also seems like a sweet deal. Take a look at what suits your fancy and book your tables for the TimesCity Gourmet Week 2014! As for me, I have booked a table at Cheval this weekend; looking forward to that steak 🙂Disclosure: TimesCity had invited me to try the Gourmet Week experience at Yauatcha. 

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